Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You might have noticed that this blog is kind of a mix of all sorts of different things. When I first started it was supposed to be about our adoption process and it still is although that process is moving along a little slower than we thought. It’s been amazing though the connections I’ve made through this process and not just adoption connections. In the blog world you always seem to find your way to other blogs that other people have linked to until you eventually forget how you even got to that point. There are so many blogs that I now read on a daily basis that I don’t even know how I first got to, probably a link from another person’s blog that I linked to from somewhere else because someone else told me I should check it out…it’s just crazy. This one in particular though I will never forget how I eventually found it and I’m so glad I did. I follow a blog about a young girl in Jinja, Uganda who has a home for extremely sick children, the pictures of these little ones will completely melt your heart. Over a year ago probably she did a post about a new baby that had just come into the house and he had what was called EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa), a rare genetic disease that causes the skin to slough off even at the slightest touch. From what I understand basically the body doesn’t produce the collagen needed to adhere the layers of skin together. The top layer of skin just comes off causing horrible blisters and sores that take a very long time to heal or never heal at all. In some of the worst cases the same things is happening internally. You can imagine how difficult this would be to take care of in Africa, and so she started reaching out for help and suggestions because it’s so rare. I remember reading a comment from a mom here in the US whose son named Daylon, also had EB and was going through a bone marrow transplant to see if it might help with the disease. Her comments were so sweet and you could tell she was very interested in the well being of this little one in Uganda which I thought was so amazing seeing how much her little one was going through. I clicked on her blog and read a few posts which eventually led me to Tripp and his mom Courtney who live in Louisiana. I read her entire blog from beginning to end…many times crying about what I was reading and then in the next post laughing at the sweetest video she had just taken. I don’t know what else to say other than this little guy totally captured my heart from the moment I started reading about him. I don’t even know this family but the trials they have been through have been more than I can fully comprehend. Tripp passed away this past weekend and while I know that he’s no longer suffering, my heart breaks for his sweet Mom, Courtney. I know that she knows that this is God’s plan for Tripp and for her. But just say a prayer for her that she can take full comfort in knowing that.

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  1. That is heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing this. My heart goes out to Courtney today.