Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vacation, Here We Come!!

I do not like winter. I especially do not like taking Murph outside in the winter and following him around willing him to poop so we can go back inside. Apparently he needs to walk around and decide where he is going to go to the bathroom and these things take time I guess. A LOT of time actually…so much so that this morning I just didn’t have any more time to follow him around so we went back inside. He’ll just have to hold it until Scott gets home and can take him out. Dude has to learn that he can’t just lolly gag around and sniff the entire yard.

Anywho, we’re going on vacation in like 3 days or something! My parents rented a condo in Madeira Beach, FL and asked if we wanted to come hang out for the week…uh, yes please, “have you been in the presence of my husband in the last few weeks…the man needs a vacation”! Poor guy works a bazillion hours at all of the different jobs he has and tax season is just not a fun time for him. So I’m glad we’re going to be able to get away for a week.

Here’s a few things I hope we’ll get to do while were down there:

Lay on the beach
Read some books
Lay on the beach
Read some books

I am going to miss Murph while we're gone, especially after the week we've had. Poor guy has had to go to the Vet way more than any dog should. Finally everything is fine and hopefully we won't have to go back for a long time. It's crazy how attached I am to his goofy self, I know he's a dog but I don't care. He's a sweetheart and he's perfect even in all of his flaws, even when he smells bad too.

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  1. I hope you have a fantastic time! You both deserve a vacation...and some warm sunshine!
    I noticed in your list of things to do you forgot the daily wod. I'm sure there will be one!