Friday, March 30, 2012


No, we're not pregnant Mom and Dad.

But, we're going to Africa!!! I've known for a little bit this might be a possibility but I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure that we're (meaning Scott and I both) going to Africa in June...I can hardly stand it I'm so excited!!! Truly such a blessing that God has allowed me to go to Africa three times in the last three years...honestly it's difficult to put into words how I feel each time I get the opportunity to go, but even more so that Scott and I get to go together. It's such a strong desire within my heart to be in Africa and be able to visit the orphanages and help to advocate for the orphan that I truly feel so blessed every time I get to go.

So, we leave for Uganda June 13th and will spend the first few days kind of on our own in Jinja before we meet up with my friend Sara Beth and also another good friend KB and small team of students from Louisiana College (KB is the student activities director there). We'll then head up north to Nebbi which is where I was last year...spend a few days there checking on Acres of Hope then we'll drive over to Kenya where we'll stay at an orphanage and check on some more projects.

So, some business we need to attend to immediately, is fundraising. I still have a TON of these as well as some bags and other stuff that I brought back home with me from last year's trip that I need to sell ASAP to help raise funds for this trip. Seriously, I probably have about 100 of these in all different colors and lengths. They make great necklaces or bracelets which is usually how I wear mine, just wrapped multiple times around my wrist. They're such great gifts and have a really unique story behind them. About half of the ones that I have were made by women in the Masese slum which is actually where we'll be spending most of our time when we're in Jinja. We have a dear friend who is a Pastor in Masese and when he heard that we were coming last year he got several of the women together to start making beads so that we could purchase them when we were there. So, the money that we gave them to purchase the beads was actually divided up among several women in the church to help support their families. We bought out everything they had and then I bought some more in one of the markets. So all of these beads are handmade and they really are beautiful. They sell for $15 each.

I also have some really cool bags/purses that I'm selling for $30 but I only have a limited quantity of these as well as some fun little coin purse type things for $7...again a limited quantity, so let me know if you want to come by and check stuff out or I can bring some stuff to you!!

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