Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project Grow: Take 2

So you may be wondering, when was take 1? Well, that was last summer's attempt at a complete fail of a garden. Here's why it was a fail:

1. Scott said I should start small and just plant it in this one area that was already kind of under construction since we had just moved in (we're renting an old farmhouse and we tore out a bunch of ugly shrubs).
2. Said area was right next to the side of the house where apparently lots of scary, creepy crawly things like to congregate. Big spiders for instance...just one of many examples though.
3. I don't like bugs, actually I have a SEVERE, UNHEALTHY, FEAR of anything that even resembles a bug.
4. Did you know that gardens possess a ton of bugs? Well they do.
5. Did you know that if you don't water or weed your garden because you're afraid of the bugs that live there that everything planted in your garden will die? Well it will.

That my friends is why my garden failed to yield much of anything last year. Well, I take that back...apparently anyone can grow zucchini in Indiana because somehow we did get a few of those which I of course made Scott go pick or Murph found and got ahold of before we did.


I'm turning over a new leaf this year...I'm trying to get over my fear of bugs. Actually, ok...there hasn't really been much trying on my part but I really do intend to at least take a stab at trying to not be so afraid of bugs. I'm still really excited about having a garden, I have these dreams of warm evenings spent taking care of our garden with Murph laying in the grass just watching and not running off when he's not supposed to which then gives me heart palpitations because I think he's never going to come back.'s such a nice dream. Then I wake up and realize that I don't know a single thing about a garden and I need some serious help! So, that's why we're giving the garden to some of my Burmese friends who are amazing gardeners! They're going to plant whatever they want and then they'll have fresh vegetables all summer long. So, Shaw Mo came over last night and we went over to TSC (Tractor Supply Company)...I love this place, you can get pretty much anything! Right now they even have the little baby chicks and baby ducks that you can buy, I was so tempted! But seeing as how we haven't had much success just yet in raising our own chickens I decided to wait until we can reinforce the coop a little better. Anyway...back to the garden. She picked out pretty much every vegetable I know of, and some I don't...what is a Lemon Cucumber by the way? This is everything we planted (sorry for the bad IPhone was the nearest camera).

Then we got these cool little starter kit things...enough for 144 plants. Since we're trying to save money and start with seeds we have to grow everything indoors first since it's still a little cold to start planting outside.

So, right now everything is planted and we're waiting for sprouts!! I'm not sure how many will turn out but I'm following all the directions to get as many as possible. Once they've all sprouted then we'll transfer them to the actual garden which is going to be pretty big this year, at Shaw Mo's request. Since I've been volunteering with the Burmese families which is going on 4 years now I've always thought it would be so great for us to move somewhere that had lots of land that we could let them have to do whatever they wanted. Many of the families were farmers back in Burma before they were resettled here and I know it's something they really miss. They all now live in the same apartment complex right in the middle of the city which means no land for them to farm, I feel so blessed that we have this land that's not being used and I think they're really excited to be able to have their own garden. We're hoping to get the area tilled up this weekend and I'll post more pics!

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  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start! Get yourself a big fly swatter (or maybe a hammer for the bigger ones) to protect yourself from those bugs!
    I need to get busy on my "dream garden" also!